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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost me to register?

The service is absolutely free, there is no charge whatsoever.


What will the deceased's details be used for?

The information is shared with credit reference agencies and financial institutions so that they can check new credit applications and existing accounts to detect and prevent fraudulent activity.

In addition, the information is used to stop unwanted mailings by removing their personal details from companies' databases, and for research purposes.


How long will it take for unwanted post to stop?

Most of the companies that we supply deceased details to update their files on a monthly basis, so most unsolicited post should cease within a couple of months.


Will this affect all post?

No, official post such as bank and credit card statements, tax returns, utility bills and premium bonds will not be affected. You will have to contact these organisations directly with details of the deceased person.


Can I use the Deceased Identity Protection service to prevent fraud and stop receiving post for someone who passed away some time ago?

Certainly. Just complete the registration form as normal, making sure you complete the date of death. The information will be passed on to companies as usual and the deceased's details will be removed from their records.


Why do you need my name and address as well?

We ask for your details so that we can establish where the deceased’s information originated from and to ensure the accuracy of the information provided.   

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