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Welcome to the
Deceased Identity Protection Service

Helping to protect the identity of your loved one at this difficult time.

It is a sad fact that identity theft is an increasing problem.  Criminals collect details of deceased individuals and this information can potentially be used to obtain credit cards, loan agreements and other goods and services.  This can have a devastating effect on grieving families. 


Deceased Identity Protection is a service that collates details of deceased individuals and shares them with organisations including credit reference agencies and financial institutions. This information is used to check new credit applications and existing accounts to detect and prevent fraudulent activity. 

In addition, your loved one will be removed from unsolicited mailings. It will not apply to official communications such as bank statements, bills, premium bonds, etc.  However, by registering with us you can be assured that the majority of direct mail will be stopped, and your loved ones’ identity protected. 

Reasons to register your loved one for Deceased Identity Protection

Protect against ID fraud

Inform major financial organisations with one simple form

Stop unwanted mail

Reduce distressing mail addressed to the deceased

Reduce waste

Stop the production and delivery of unwanted mail

Registering is:

Safe and secure


Quick and easy

Register online in minutes with a simple form

Free of charge

No cost associated with registering

Data will only be used for the purposes advised

Complete one simple form and we will do the rest on your behalf

Practical Guide for the Bereaved

When someone close to us dies it can be overwhelming and distressing.


In this guide we have provided a list of key practical things you will need to take care of.


Download the guide here.

Practical Guide for the Bereaved PDF
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